Pannon Textile & Clothing Cluster


It is one of our priorities at the Pannon Textile and Clothing Cluster to examine the current state of education and adult training in the West Transdanubian region. Concerning adult training related to light industry we regularly forward the opinion of our member companies to the Regional Development and Education Commission (RDEC). By transmitting the result of the RDEC decision we wish to maintain the supply of skilled labour in the West Transdanubian region, furthermore, this field provides scholarships for students participating in different trainings related to the light industry. In order to get to terms with professions in the light industry, earlier we joined an international project, where curriculum development and education materials ranging from kindergarten to the secondary school level were made in order to know the possibility of re-using basic ECO-materials, as well as the usage and cleaning of different products. With the help of educational materials and other training tools we would like to facilitate a more efficient education and schooling in the fields of light industry professions.

In the cluster, together with our member companies and partners, every year we devote special attention to support the national ‘Excellence of Profession’ contest, be it the raw-material supply of the pre-selection, the finals or the remuneration of the participants or the ceremonial announcement of results. We constantly pay attention and support the carrier, training, employment of people with disabilities, which we believe could set an example for others as well.

Besides this, it is also our goal to constantly monitor the resource needs of our member companies and to partake in partial and foundation vocational courses of adult training, taking into consideration the professional and examination requirements of the new Hungarian National Training Registry.

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